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It's impossible to think about the classic video games without picturing Mario in your mind. The humble plumber that decided it would be a good idea to rescue a princess kidnapped by a villain three times bigger than him became really famous. The classic version will lead you through dangerous but beautiful landscapes, filled with monsters, golden coins and, of course, mushrooms. The other characters like Peach, Bowser, Toad and his brother Luigi will also have their part in these games. There are other kinds of games for those who aren't interested to go on an adventure by foot, like using a motorcycle or a car to get through the silly creatures. Talking about taking a ride, you can work as a transporter in the games you leave your job as a plumber to transport goods with a truck loaded with them. For those that want something really different, there are still the action ones, that will use shotguns and other weapons to kill the creatures instead of the same jumping skill, not to mention the fun puzzles like shooting Mario puppets instead of bubbles in a shooter game. All were picked to provide all the fun and entertainment you want.